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Ita Drew is an emerging mixed media artist challenging the meaning of material and craft by creating unique perspectives through performance, sculpture, and wearable art. Predominately working in ceramics, metal and textiles, Drew combines this break in tradition with her approach to materials and methods of making.  

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A Visual Storyteller

Drews work is an expression of the intangible parts of self that make our existences unique. Often drawn to a history of storytelling, Drew is inspired by the folkloric aspects of the human expression, including the need one has to connect to another and pass on knowledge. Drew taps into a rich history of what it means to be human, and her work evokes an essence of childlike wonder that mystifies the audience. Drew is fascinated by personal growth and how we are able to continue to overcome obstacles, for we are continually transitioning to create a new sense of selfhood. Within the evanescence of moments and experiences we metamorphous ourselves into something new every day. With a background in costume, props and Circus drew continues to break norms within the realms of craft. Working with textiles, metal, wood and ceramics, Drew creates works of art that are multi-functional in their use. They are able to stand alone as pieces of art or can become activated through performance and interaction.

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